In 1896, he published the famous Monogram canvas LV trademark, which not only Louis Vuitton logo will be injected into the mindset of the people of the land, while the Louis Vuitton clearer and more vivid face into the future do the attempt. Facts have proved that the efforts will eventually pay off, 'Officer dAcad ?mie' award is George Vuitton reward, but also the entire Louis Vuitton honor. In 1901, Louis Vuitton launched a lightweight flexible Steamer bag, becoming a pioneer in later handbags. Louis Vuitton Handbags Canada In 1909, the Vuitton family with silk and wool Kashmir travel blankets, scarves and later became a pioneer quilt cover. A good brand is always inspiration for the future has unlimited power, while it is always a good brand in the years to complete the process of canonization. In 1914, Louis Vuitton, the world finally famous Champs Elysees in Paris, opened 70 of the world's largest travel leather goods shop. Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet 7 storey building amazing. Adhering to the original concept, based on Louis Vuitton also insisted on the continuous innovation, Keepall handbags overturn the concept of people's handbags, while a soft canvas addictive. Louis Vuitton's first perfume also born in surprise, 'Heuresdabsence' is a romantic name, represents the Louis Vuitton brand new exploration. Louis Vuitton third-generation heir, Caston Vuitton continues to flourish ideal grandparents, Louis Vuitton family creativity talent made him constantly doing new invention for travelers. Light soft Egyptian cotton canvas fabric is a new exploration, Monogram series launch ever let Louis Vuitton distribute new vitality. Of course, the development of a brand, not just confined to product innovation, business philosophy in the 20th century, is Louis Vuitton Handbags Sale particularly important. Those famous CEO in the future is still ahead of their time on the difficult road of the great Louis Vuitton operators are in the classic products, quietly explore their own ways of doing business. In 1984, Louis Vuitton is listed on the Paris and New York stock markets, the following year, became a holding company, and travel goods and leather goods business transferred to its subsidiaries LouisVuittonMalletier. 'From scratch' minimalist philosophy - what is the glorious glow of the new century brand perennial power it? Maybe you're just a Louis Vuitton admirers, however, you should appreciation and worship it represents the spirit - this is its personality and charm. In 1997, Louis Vuitton made a bold attempt. MarcJacobs join, look a little daring. However, the fact that Louis Vuitton operators who have a unique perspective and insight into the future. MarcJacobs not just artistic director of Louis Vuitton, but also the vitality of the Louis Vuitton spring cut those. March 1998, he made 'from scratch' minimalist philosophy, never produced clothing for the Louis Vuitton made a bold attempt. He designed a new MonogramVernis series, the most popular. EpiNoir series, but also for the Epi series injected new vitality. In late 1999, the Louis Vuitton Cup series available, and sports close contact with the Louis Vuitton Cup, open a broader way of thinking. Active in sports and vitality infection with Louis Vuitton brand of this century, as it enhances the driving force. In 2001, the first series of the jewelry market, causing a Louis Vuitton fans scream. In a pursuit, the Louis Vuitton persistent efforts, launched a long-awaited first watch Louis Vuitton Handbags series Tambour, the brand has established a new milestone. Today, Louis Vuitton is still on its way to continue to explore, in collaboration with POP artists Ryu Murakami in 2003, is the spring and summer the most memorable thing. We looked at the 149-year-old brand continued to make a new attempt, loyal self, full of new vitality. If you have been working hard, then you stick with the original ideals? If you live in a static mode, then, have you ever thought to stimulate innovation generation? The development of a brand is also an impressive growth history. Louis Vuitton, from the past to the future, adhere to the self, but also insisted on the creation of

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