Curling footwearCurling does not involve costly equipment purchases. Warm clothing that allows freedom of movement, a pair of curling shoes (one sliding foot, plus a gripper foot), and a brush/broom are the only requirements. Even these investments are not obligatory, as most clubs will have slip-on sliders, grippers and brushes available. In almost all clubs beginners can learn curling at special courses and try the necessary equipment.

If you have an interest in Curling, find the club closest to your home and give it a try!


  • are made of granite
  • weigh about 20 Kilograms
  • are provided by the clubs.
  • cost about $ 9,600 - for a set of 16 stones.
  • have a concave area on the bottom (the cup) in order to minimize the surface that contacts the ice. The edge of the cup is called the rim, and is not polished like the rest of the stone, but is comparatively rough.

A curling stone must be able to resist abrasion and be tough, dense, resilient, uniform in color and non-absorbent. Granite from Scotland is used almost exclusively.

Curling brush


  • cleans the ice, removing frost and debris
  • allows the stone to travel straighter
  • allows the stone to travel further


  • enable the player to deliver a stone correctly.
  • have different soles. The one sole has a slippery, low friction surface to be able to slide on the ice, the other sole has a rubber surface that grips the ice to ensure proper traction during brushing and walking. A slip-on gripper may be placed over the slider for extra stability and safety while sweeping and walking.